Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Nonsense

Well it is the first day of November and I have discovered a few things.  One - my grandson is afraid of the woods around my house.  He finally confessed that was the reason he closed the blinds in each room he was in.  Poor kid! He's 8 so I will forgive him this goofey-ness as you can see through the woods to the road.  Makes life interesting. And before anyone gets upset at me, I do not tease him about this, I just open the blinds when he leaves the room.  I should say that he only closes them if he is by himself in the room.

Two - I am a hoarder.  I confess.  I have a supply of fabric and quilting supplies for 4 or 5 ladies.  I also have more cross stitch supplies, charts, and fabric than any one person could use in a life time.  I tried to give away to a stitcher the Hardangar and Aida but no one seems to want them so I will donate to  the elementary school art teacher in PA.  I also have a large amount of Longaberger Baskets.  So many that I left a small group in Ohio with a friend and don't remember them.  So I told her to keep them and do whatever she wants with them.  My husband just looks at them and shakes his head.  Oh well! such is life.

Three - I think I have lost my mind.  I rejoined the church last December with some guidance from a stitching friend.  Since then I have worked vacation bible school in June and now teach bible class to the 3rd graders in the church.  Now you are probably thinking so... what's your point.  I have been away from church (on any regular basis) for 40 years. (Yes, I am old!)  I am not complaining.  I am enjoying every minute I am there.  The ladies of the church have taken me under their collective wings and gotten me into all this.  We do have fun!

Hopefully blogger will let me upload some pictures that I tried to show last time. Well it must really hate me as it won't upload now either.  Anyone in blogland have any answers for what I could possibly be doing wrong please let me know.

I will make a conserted effort to blog more often with pictures hopefully.  I am making a trip up north to visit Mom for her birthday but that's in the middle of the month right before Thanksgiving.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Siesta Time

Well it does seem as if I have been on a long siesta (nap) since I haven't been able to get any blogging done.  I have read many faithfully but I rarely leave a comment.  Thank you Sherry I did receive your answer.

Here is a question for all of the stitchers out there.  Would anyone like to have some Hardanger 22ct fabric?  I also have some 18ct Aida to give away.  No they don't have to go to the same person either.  I am just trying to clean out a little of my stitching fabric stash that I know I won't use.  The Hardanger is creme (beige) and the 18ct is white.  No there are no hoops to jump through for this just let me know and I will send off.  I will need your mail address though!

I did move into the Quilt Room and it is mostly straightened but...there are still a few places that need work.  I made a quilt for a baby shower held at my church for one of the members.  Baby is now 2 weeks old and just beautiful!  I got to see Silver when she was 1 week old.  Her first day in church!

Just when you think that you have a good schedule to sit and stitch or travel to the QR to cut/sew, the schedule gets changed again.  You get to expect to have a nice quiet Sunday afternoon - husband at work no grandchild - when his mother gets her schedule changed. Then school starts for both of them - grandchild 5 days and daughter 2 days - so she works the other five.  OK that works a little different but managable.  Then the husband gets his schedule changed.  Then changed again.  Now changed again.  I think this schedule may last for a week or two then change again.  We are also in recreation football so put practice and homework in there too.  Husband now leaves for work at 2p and gets home about 12:30a because he never gets out on time.  Oh well!  Such is life!

I have been stitching and maybe have a few pictures to prove it.  Well evidently I cannot upload any pictures right now for some reason but know that I finished  'Matter's Choice' from Carriage House Samplings, 'This is the Day' magazine (those were both leftover from Crazy January Challenge 2011 leaving 4 more to finish) and 'Moon & Stars' from Little House Needleworks.  I am working on Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season from ByGone Stitches and maybe have a quarter stitched. 

Well I guess I will end this.  Maybe I can get back to blogging more often and just go for short and sweet.  If I am lucky maybe you will get PICTURES!  I love to see pictures of your stitching so keep showing them.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm back!!!

and what a wonderful time I had visiting, stitching, talking, and laughing.  I made it to the mountains in record breaking time - a little over 6 hours! and actually that is pretty normal travel time.  If any of you know TN Rt 411 off I40 you know that the road is narrow and winds this way and that.  It is a pretty drive if you are a passenger - driver not so much.  You do travel past the Bush Bean factory and gift shop eatery place which I have been to and is worth a trip to see.  And yes, they do make a bean pie which is very sweet but does not have a lot of bean flavor and maybe that's a good thing!

Yes, I did finally get over the sinus infection - allergy thing I had going for so long.  Now I just have a cough sometimes with a sneeze every now and then.  All the health news you get this time.

There was lots of sewing done on the mountain top after we attended the quilt show in Pigeon Forge.  I managed to sew 4 childrens quilt tops (7 sq x 9 sq all 6"). These tops were pined on top of fleece back which I sewed around and turned inside out and resewed the outer edge.  They will now be hand tied by a dear man/husband who suffers from alzheimers.  I finished a total of 10 with one completely machine quilted as it was a kit I was completing for the cabin owner.  She very graciously donates these quilts to Michael's House in Greene Cty in Ohio and Care House in Montgomery Cty in Ohio.  Each child who enters receives a quilt from say age 3 to 18.  Unfortunately there are a lot of abused children and this is something that they can have just for themselves.  She received a call saying they were out of quilts and did she have any more.  Lucky for the children she had 2 trash bags at home and her daughter raced them over to the agency so no child would go without.  We do make larger quilts for the older children but we seem to need more in the mid range - I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

My friend had thought to give up this quilt business and said something to one of the directors.  She asked my friend if she noticed the 3 teen boys walking with the policeman.  Each boy was offered a sport ball of their choice when one spotted the quilts in the same closet.  He asked if he could have a quilt instead and was assured this was fine.  He picked one and so did the other 2 boys and yes they also got a sport ball of their choice too.  She hadn't noticed the quilts the boys had clutched under their arms.  So we are still in business.  I don't do as much as she and her group at home in Ohio do but I sew like crazy when I am with her.  She has decided I can sew tops here as she will send me packets for tops and I can send them back.  the only problem is she hates to sew the backs on. We had a plan when we were together.  I sewed the tops and ironed (I am fast at both) and she would crawl on the floor and pin them to the backs..  She will have to do her own backs now! 

The other 2 girls and I left for Ohio on Sunday (yes I attended church that evening) and I checked into the hotel, dropped everything off and hit the road again to visit with my Mom.  Went everyday to see Mom thru Thursday and told her I was leaving the next day, Friday.  Does Mom know who I am? No  and yes, only that I am her daughter.  She has no names for any of us and that's ok.  She loves how I just pop in to see her - she loves my surprises.  She is very healthy and best of all, she is safe!

Well here is the Queen'sRoom.

It has a step in front of it now and the electric is all hooked up.  I have one specifically for a window airconditioner which I don't have yet.  I have the curtain rods for the sides and back windows but not the doors.  I have been slowly moving my things - stuff - in and Paul said he would make a big effort to work on the heavy stuff on Thursday when he is off work.  I can't wait for it to be all moved in.  The heaviest item will be the sewing cabinet - it's on wheels but it will be hard to roll thru sand so I don't kow who he will get to help him move it.  I still have a closet full of fabric to move as only the baker's rack has been moved (the fabric from it not the rack itself).  Most of the longebarger baskets have been moved and I will finish with those today and start on the fabric.

I did take everyone advice and stopped work on This is the Day until after I got back.  I worked on Moon and Stars from Little House Needlework instead and got the border and a bit more done on it.  I have since picked up This Day and finished the whole middle section!  WooHoo!  This is where I was but I am beyond that now.

The dog that is only partial is complete now.  It's on the left side.  Sorry these were taken with my phone and are not the best but I don't take very good pix at any time.

I guess I have chattered long enough for now.  I really will try to post more often and talk about stitching instead of quilting but when you love both it's kind of hard to decide what to do when.  I do look forward to getting my room all set up and ready as I have several quilts due - although the children aren't in college yet so I guess I still have some time.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Little News

I have just a little news and I have to clean house and pack yet so I will be short!

The Quilting Shed came and I will include a pic next time.  It is Great and I can't wait to fill it with all (and I mean a lot) my stuff.  I don't think there will be room to have classes but Oh Well.  I'm not kidding on the classes part as that is what I did for about 15 years - teach quilting.

Paul is supposed to have the floor carpeted by the time I return.  Maybe even some electric but I can use it as is because it does have some - outdoor electric cords are wonderful!

I am leaving for the mountains of TN tomorrow at 6:30a.  Staying there thru Sunday.  Driving to Ohio on Sunday where I will visit all.  Coming back home on Friday the 23rd.  I hope to have lots of good times to share with you.

In the mean time -

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

last time in February

Yes, this will be my last post this month.

I do have some news to share.  Thank you for all of your comments re: Paul and the new job but... He decided after 4 days that it was not for him.  We were texting furiously back and forth re: leaving the new job.  He talked to his old job and they were HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to have him back again.  So he told the new company on Friday and started with the old company on Saturday.  What a fast week!  He is much happier now.

But through all of this he found me a shed for a quilt room.  It has double doors on front and 3 windows.  I just need to have more electric outlets installed and then electric run to the power box.  Now I know that you are saying - A shed? well, it is vinyl sided, has a small loft and a work bench under the back window that runs from side to side.  If the men deliver it soon, I will insert a picture of it.  Please remember that I live in a single-wide trailer (trailer trash it is not!) so the bedrooms are very small.  I will be able to have an actual guest room and a computer room in the house.  The quiltroom will be just a very short walk through the backyard to get to all of the fun and games.

I made a picture of This Is The Day.  It is not a good picture. The Oscars struck me bad.  I was watching and not paying attention evidently because I had stitched 2 more windows and the crown over the door when I noticed that, oops, I was one thread over too far.  So I spent the rest of the Oscars unstitching!

No I did not iron it and yes I left my needle in.  I have stitched the first line in the over one which was the first time I have done this in a large stitching project.  I have stitched over one on 28 ct but the whole project was over one.  Make any sense out of this?  I think I'm rambling.  Oh well!

I am listening to JD Robb.  I have been going through all of the IN DEATH series, in order, as much as I can. They are good listens.  I haven't seen the new movie ONE FOR THE MONEY from Janet Evanovich.  I don't know if I can get past the cast of characters.  I pictured them all a certain way and that is not what is showing up on the screen.  Oh well, I will probably see it sometime on DVD.  Does anyone think Stephanie Meyers will make a 5th novel about Edward, Bella, and the baby grown up?  I would love it as I have loved all of the books and the movies.

Well the delivery men are supposed to be here this hour (between 1 and 2) but you know men - sometimes they are where you want them when you want them and sometimes they aren't!  Go figure!  I may edit if they show up soon.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well now!

Here we are again!  Yes, I am better thank you.  I am still not completely recovered but progressing nicely - as the doctor would say.  I have seen them 3 times so far and am scheduled for 1 more visit this month.  All I have to say is "I'm glad I have an Rx plan".

I think "This is the Day" and I are going to part ways for a little while as I am tired of it and it of me I'm sure.  The fill-in on the top alphabets is a killer.  But first before I set it aside I will go to another section and work on - maybe the house or maybe finish the over one.  Maybe that will keep the mojo going.

My fingers are itching to start on Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season.  I love the Quaker as you feel you have accomplished something when you get a motif finished!  Happy Dance!

I am going to visit quilting friends in the mountains of TN in March.  There is a quilt show we will attend then go up the mountain and stitch our little selves silly.  We sew pillowcases by the tens, Care House quilts by the dozen hopefully and sew on our own projects too.  I have nothing special of my own to sew right now so I will help sew Care House quilts from start to finish (except for tying).  I may take along one unfinished quilt project and work on it in between.  This is a very small group - only 4 of us now.  When they started I couldn't join as I worked 3 jobs plus home life but there were probably 4 - 5 others.  Needless to say we have a good time - laughing, talking, sewing, eating, watching movies, reading, watching for bald eagles, and looking at the lake!  What a blessing!

Paul has started his new job.  This is day 2!  Can you really tell anything from just 1 day of meet and greet?  We shall see.

The sun has disappeared behind some clouds or it has just turned overcast here.  I haven't decided which.  The temp is supposed to get to 66 so that is something to look forward to.  I may have to sit and swing on the porch this afternoon.  Yes, I will wear a sweatshirt jacket so I don't get a chill. (Man I sound like I'm about 80 instead of 60 but I am trying to get over this sickness!)

This is FAT TUESDAY so that means that Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday.  Paul said I should give up 'bitching about everything' for Lent but I don't know - what fun would I have then?  I thought I would try to not be a cranky pants (Sebastian tells me this all the time) but that probably falls into the bitchy category.  What thinks you?

Sorry about no pics this time.  I will send a pic of whatever I stitch on next time.  I pinkie swear! 
Happy Stitching!  my friends

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well, it is almost the end of January and here I am again.  I have finally inserted a picture in my profile zone.  It is a picture of Tina, a 12 week old pit bull but don't tell her that.  She thinks she is a lap dog and no one is a stranger as all are put here for her pleasure of holding, petting, and playing.  She lived with me for 4 days and was very spoiled by husband P and myself before we  (I) gave her back to daughter C.  She again lives with her brother Buster, sister Georgia, Mom and Dad, then human mom (my daughter C) and our grandson S.  What a house full!  Here is a picture of the three sibs!

Georgia is the black and white (image of her mother) and Buster has the brown ears and built just like his father.  He is scared of his own shadow like his dad.  Tina, the precious baby, was attacked by her Mom when she was 2 wks old and had to be rushed to the vet.  We believe she is blind in her left eye or maybe just partially.  She didn't nurse from Mom after that and can you blame her. C played Mom to her and with antibiotics and good food she is growing!  She is still much smaller than her sibs and probably always will be.  The mother and father are sweet dogs and the puppies are too!  The end of puppies but I promise other pictures in the future!

I did make a picture of Days Past finished so here it is.

Yes it was done on 28ct Cashel Lt Sand so it is big!  I have plans to stitch Christmas II Songs of the Season on 28ct Cashel Lt Sand also so they will match.  Cute.  I am currently working on This Is The Day which was started last year in the Crazy 15 starts in 15 days Challenge which I only managed to finish 9 so I am playing catch up WIPs with a few new ones thrown in this year.  I am going to try to beat my record of 9 and finish 10!  I'm not making a list this year, I'm just going for it and hope for the best.

Friends are planning a quilt retreat on the mountain in March and I hope to attend.  It has been ok'd here by daughter and husband as they believe they can survive without me for a week or ten days as I will have to travel to Ohio to visit with my Mom in the home.  I just have to find a place to stay while I am there.

This is day 8 of suffering from a sinus infection.  Yes I finally visited with the Nurse Practioner and she visited with me.  I think my husband was tired of listening to me cough and complain of the rip-roaring headache.  I was the last to get this mess in the family and thought it was going to pass me by this year.  No such luck.  They (all 3) never ran a fever, coughed/hacked for hours, couldn't breath through the nose like me.  Plus they were all over it in a few days!  He hates it when I'm sick.  Isn't that sweet?  I made it to Mass last Sunday and I plan to attend tomorrow as I am feeling better.  Almost but not quite human.

I have enjoyed viewing all of the latest on the blogs.  There sure is some very pretting stitching going on.  I don't comment often just every now and then so if you don't see me in your comments just know that I am thinking of you as I scurry on the the next blog.

Stitch Happy! and
Happy Stitching!