Sunday, September 23, 2012

Siesta Time

Well it does seem as if I have been on a long siesta (nap) since I haven't been able to get any blogging done.  I have read many faithfully but I rarely leave a comment.  Thank you Sherry I did receive your answer.

Here is a question for all of the stitchers out there.  Would anyone like to have some Hardanger 22ct fabric?  I also have some 18ct Aida to give away.  No they don't have to go to the same person either.  I am just trying to clean out a little of my stitching fabric stash that I know I won't use.  The Hardanger is creme (beige) and the 18ct is white.  No there are no hoops to jump through for this just let me know and I will send off.  I will need your mail address though!

I did move into the Quilt Room and it is mostly straightened but...there are still a few places that need work.  I made a quilt for a baby shower held at my church for one of the members.  Baby is now 2 weeks old and just beautiful!  I got to see Silver when she was 1 week old.  Her first day in church!

Just when you think that you have a good schedule to sit and stitch or travel to the QR to cut/sew, the schedule gets changed again.  You get to expect to have a nice quiet Sunday afternoon - husband at work no grandchild - when his mother gets her schedule changed. Then school starts for both of them - grandchild 5 days and daughter 2 days - so she works the other five.  OK that works a little different but managable.  Then the husband gets his schedule changed.  Then changed again.  Now changed again.  I think this schedule may last for a week or two then change again.  We are also in recreation football so put practice and homework in there too.  Husband now leaves for work at 2p and gets home about 12:30a because he never gets out on time.  Oh well!  Such is life!

I have been stitching and maybe have a few pictures to prove it.  Well evidently I cannot upload any pictures right now for some reason but know that I finished  'Matter's Choice' from Carriage House Samplings, 'This is the Day' magazine (those were both leftover from Crazy January Challenge 2011 leaving 4 more to finish) and 'Moon & Stars' from Little House Needleworks.  I am working on Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season from ByGone Stitches and maybe have a quarter stitched. 

Well I guess I will end this.  Maybe I can get back to blogging more often and just go for short and sweet.  If I am lucky maybe you will get PICTURES!  I love to see pictures of your stitching so keep showing them.

Happy Stitching!

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