Tuesday, February 28, 2012

last time in February

Yes, this will be my last post this month.

I do have some news to share.  Thank you for all of your comments re: Paul and the new job but... He decided after 4 days that it was not for him.  We were texting furiously back and forth re: leaving the new job.  He talked to his old job and they were HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to have him back again.  So he told the new company on Friday and started with the old company on Saturday.  What a fast week!  He is much happier now.

But through all of this he found me a shed for a quilt room.  It has double doors on front and 3 windows.  I just need to have more electric outlets installed and then electric run to the power box.  Now I know that you are saying - A shed? well, it is vinyl sided, has a small loft and a work bench under the back window that runs from side to side.  If the men deliver it soon, I will insert a picture of it.  Please remember that I live in a single-wide trailer (trailer trash it is not!) so the bedrooms are very small.  I will be able to have an actual guest room and a computer room in the house.  The quiltroom will be just a very short walk through the backyard to get to all of the fun and games.

I made a picture of This Is The Day.  It is not a good picture. The Oscars struck me bad.  I was watching and not paying attention evidently because I had stitched 2 more windows and the crown over the door when I noticed that, oops, I was one thread over too far.  So I spent the rest of the Oscars unstitching!

No I did not iron it and yes I left my needle in.  I have stitched the first line in the over one which was the first time I have done this in a large stitching project.  I have stitched over one on 28 ct but the whole project was over one.  Make any sense out of this?  I think I'm rambling.  Oh well!

I am listening to JD Robb.  I have been going through all of the IN DEATH series, in order, as much as I can. They are good listens.  I haven't seen the new movie ONE FOR THE MONEY from Janet Evanovich.  I don't know if I can get past the cast of characters.  I pictured them all a certain way and that is not what is showing up on the screen.  Oh well, I will probably see it sometime on DVD.  Does anyone think Stephanie Meyers will make a 5th novel about Edward, Bella, and the baby grown up?  I would love it as I have loved all of the books and the movies.

Well the delivery men are supposed to be here this hour (between 1 and 2) but you know men - sometimes they are where you want them when you want them and sometimes they aren't!  Go figure!  I may edit if they show up soon.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well now!

Here we are again!  Yes, I am better thank you.  I am still not completely recovered but progressing nicely - as the doctor would say.  I have seen them 3 times so far and am scheduled for 1 more visit this month.  All I have to say is "I'm glad I have an Rx plan".

I think "This is the Day" and I are going to part ways for a little while as I am tired of it and it of me I'm sure.  The fill-in on the top alphabets is a killer.  But first before I set it aside I will go to another section and work on - maybe the house or maybe finish the over one.  Maybe that will keep the mojo going.

My fingers are itching to start on Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season.  I love the Quaker as you feel you have accomplished something when you get a motif finished!  Happy Dance!

I am going to visit quilting friends in the mountains of TN in March.  There is a quilt show we will attend then go up the mountain and stitch our little selves silly.  We sew pillowcases by the tens, Care House quilts by the dozen hopefully and sew on our own projects too.  I have nothing special of my own to sew right now so I will help sew Care House quilts from start to finish (except for tying).  I may take along one unfinished quilt project and work on it in between.  This is a very small group - only 4 of us now.  When they started I couldn't join as I worked 3 jobs plus home life but there were probably 4 - 5 others.  Needless to say we have a good time - laughing, talking, sewing, eating, watching movies, reading, watching for bald eagles, and looking at the lake!  What a blessing!

Paul has started his new job.  This is day 2!  Can you really tell anything from just 1 day of meet and greet?  We shall see.

The sun has disappeared behind some clouds or it has just turned overcast here.  I haven't decided which.  The temp is supposed to get to 66 so that is something to look forward to.  I may have to sit and swing on the porch this afternoon.  Yes, I will wear a sweatshirt jacket so I don't get a chill. (Man I sound like I'm about 80 instead of 60 but I am trying to get over this sickness!)

This is FAT TUESDAY so that means that Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday.  Paul said I should give up 'bitching about everything' for Lent but I don't know - what fun would I have then?  I thought I would try to not be a cranky pants (Sebastian tells me this all the time) but that probably falls into the bitchy category.  What thinks you?

Sorry about no pics this time.  I will send a pic of whatever I stitch on next time.  I pinkie swear! 
Happy Stitching!  my friends