Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Nonsense

Well it is the first day of November and I have discovered a few things.  One - my grandson is afraid of the woods around my house.  He finally confessed that was the reason he closed the blinds in each room he was in.  Poor kid! He's 8 so I will forgive him this goofey-ness as you can see through the woods to the road.  Makes life interesting. And before anyone gets upset at me, I do not tease him about this, I just open the blinds when he leaves the room.  I should say that he only closes them if he is by himself in the room.

Two - I am a hoarder.  I confess.  I have a supply of fabric and quilting supplies for 4 or 5 ladies.  I also have more cross stitch supplies, charts, and fabric than any one person could use in a life time.  I tried to give away to a stitcher the Hardangar and Aida but no one seems to want them so I will donate to  the elementary school art teacher in PA.  I also have a large amount of Longaberger Baskets.  So many that I left a small group in Ohio with a friend and don't remember them.  So I told her to keep them and do whatever she wants with them.  My husband just looks at them and shakes his head.  Oh well! such is life.

Three - I think I have lost my mind.  I rejoined the church last December with some guidance from a stitching friend.  Since then I have worked vacation bible school in June and now teach bible class to the 3rd graders in the church.  Now you are probably thinking so... what's your point.  I have been away from church (on any regular basis) for 40 years. (Yes, I am old!)  I am not complaining.  I am enjoying every minute I am there.  The ladies of the church have taken me under their collective wings and gotten me into all this.  We do have fun!

Hopefully blogger will let me upload some pictures that I tried to show last time. Well it must really hate me as it won't upload now either.  Anyone in blogland have any answers for what I could possibly be doing wrong please let me know.

I will make a conserted effort to blog more often with pictures hopefully.  I am making a trip up north to visit Mom for her birthday but that's in the middle of the month right before Thanksgiving.

Happy Stitching!

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