Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well, it is almost the end of January and here I am again.  I have finally inserted a picture in my profile zone.  It is a picture of Tina, a 12 week old pit bull but don't tell her that.  She thinks she is a lap dog and no one is a stranger as all are put here for her pleasure of holding, petting, and playing.  She lived with me for 4 days and was very spoiled by husband P and myself before we  (I) gave her back to daughter C.  She again lives with her brother Buster, sister Georgia, Mom and Dad, then human mom (my daughter C) and our grandson S.  What a house full!  Here is a picture of the three sibs!

Georgia is the black and white (image of her mother) and Buster has the brown ears and built just like his father.  He is scared of his own shadow like his dad.  Tina, the precious baby, was attacked by her Mom when she was 2 wks old and had to be rushed to the vet.  We believe she is blind in her left eye or maybe just partially.  She didn't nurse from Mom after that and can you blame her. C played Mom to her and with antibiotics and good food she is growing!  She is still much smaller than her sibs and probably always will be.  The mother and father are sweet dogs and the puppies are too!  The end of puppies but I promise other pictures in the future!

I did make a picture of Days Past finished so here it is.

Yes it was done on 28ct Cashel Lt Sand so it is big!  I have plans to stitch Christmas II Songs of the Season on 28ct Cashel Lt Sand also so they will match.  Cute.  I am currently working on This Is The Day which was started last year in the Crazy 15 starts in 15 days Challenge which I only managed to finish 9 so I am playing catch up WIPs with a few new ones thrown in this year.  I am going to try to beat my record of 9 and finish 10!  I'm not making a list this year, I'm just going for it and hope for the best.

Friends are planning a quilt retreat on the mountain in March and I hope to attend.  It has been ok'd here by daughter and husband as they believe they can survive without me for a week or ten days as I will have to travel to Ohio to visit with my Mom in the home.  I just have to find a place to stay while I am there.

This is day 8 of suffering from a sinus infection.  Yes I finally visited with the Nurse Practioner and she visited with me.  I think my husband was tired of listening to me cough and complain of the rip-roaring headache.  I was the last to get this mess in the family and thought it was going to pass me by this year.  No such luck.  They (all 3) never ran a fever, coughed/hacked for hours, couldn't breath through the nose like me.  Plus they were all over it in a few days!  He hates it when I'm sick.  Isn't that sweet?  I made it to Mass last Sunday and I plan to attend tomorrow as I am feeling better.  Almost but not quite human.

I have enjoyed viewing all of the latest on the blogs.  There sure is some very pretting stitching going on.  I don't comment often just every now and then so if you don't see me in your comments just know that I am thinking of you as I scurry on the the next blog.

Stitch Happy! and
Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh I hope you get better quickly! Ugh! Doesn't sound like fun! The dogs are all so cute! It's so sad what happened to Tina. It's nice she's back with her siblings and parents of various sorts though.

    Congrats on your huge finish! That is one enormous piece! The companion to it will be pretty too, I'm sure!

  2. Get better soon....
    Your sweet :)
    And that WIP...almost there and it is going to be absolutely STUNNING!

  3. Tina is a cutie! Your finish is beautiful! I hope you're feeling better soon!