Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year!

Well, it has been an extremely long time since I have written on my blog.  I am so sorry for the delay.  I was thinking about you and reading your blogs - usually no comments - but never bothered to update my own.

I did manage to finish 9 of the 15 day challenge from last January.  That's pretty impressive for me.  Here is the list of finished stitches with the date finished: Sampling Halloween 1-30-11, Quaker Christmas Sampler 2-14-11, Merry Christmas 2-27-11, Housework Never Killed Anyone 3-9-11,  Holly & Berries 4-9-11, Crow 4-19-11, A Quaker Christmas 7-13-11, ABC Lessons 11-26-11, and finally Let Heaven & Nature Sing 12-30-11.  I will show you pictures of the last three as all of the others are elsewhere here.

Let Heaven & Nature Sing
With Thy Needle & Thread - Blackbird Designs
32 ct old mill java
recommended threads except DMC 371 instead of OWS

ABC Lessons
22 ct hardanger beige
threads included in kit
  I can't seem to find a picture of Quaker Christmas but let me just say it is finished and beautiful.  And no, not a thing is finished or framed.  Maybe one day.

I have been busy with other things throughout this past year.  I traveled to the mountains of TN to stitch with girlfriends and make quilts.  I did manage to very simply machine quilt two while I was there and the receivers were extremely happy to receive them.  I also made a reindeer quilt for my grandson who is now 7 and in the second grade.  It fits his double bed and was a real trial for me to machine quilt.  I am so not good at that!  Here is a sideways partial pic from Christmas.

Reindeer Games Quilt
Peppermint & Holly - Art to Heart #530B
(Nancy Halvorsen)
setting changed to simple
I am sending the book and all fabric remains to my quilt friend Jill who is supposed to make this quilt also.  She bought the fabrics at the same time!  That might have been in 2007 or 2008.  Well you know that fabric has to age before it can be used - all quilters know that!

I read a lot of books this past year also.  Most of them were new but I had to visit with old friends also.  Most of them I read on my kindle so there was no heavy lifting and turning of pages!

I have promised myself to finish my challenge from 2011 and stitch at least 1 or 2 new pieces.  Hopefully these will all be from my stash.  My husband and daughter stand in my sewing room and shake their heads.  I made mention of giving my quilt fabric away - just keeping the quilt kits I had made up and make up a few more - but they both said not to do that (give away the fabric).  I may still give some way.  Let's be honest here ladies and gents, just how long am I going to be able to cut, sew, hand quilt and bind.  I'm 60 now and how long are the eyes and hands going to last.  I realize that I started talking about my stash (cross stitch) and finished with my quilting but they are housed in the same room - small room too.  Remember I live in a single wide trailer!  Not much room for zippidy do da but I make do.  Lucky for me, my husband is not a collector and his stuff is in the shed! (along with 2 4-wheelers and a dirt bike)   This is dirt road living at its best!

Nicole get your stitching mojo back soon.  I miss the pictures of your stitching.  Siobhan keep adding those pictures of Ireland.  I love them! (Irish and Scottish heritage from my Mum)  sorry Dad - you were Irish and Mum was Scottish.

Happy Stitching to all and a healthy New Year.


  1. Oh, I love that Heaven and Nature Sing piece -- gorgeous! Love the LK piece too! Nice reindeer quilt too. Quilt fabrics aging is always an important step in the quilting process. :D :D

  2. Beautiful finishing. I mentioned something about getting rid of some fabric and such, and my DS said, wait... you've been collecting this stuff for when you retire, and you're going to get rid of it before you retire? If we've had it THIS long, may as well wait to see if it will be useful; right?

  3. It's so good to see you posting an update!! Wonderful stitching, and I love the reindeer quilt! I agree with the gasps from your family at the thought of you giving up some fabric. When we moved from the US to Ireland, I gave away a LOT of my fabric, convinced that I would stick to just one or two hobbies. I could kick myself a dozen times over for that. I figure now, if the time comes, I can always donate what I don't use, but I am NOT giving up my stash!