Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you ladies for your welcome.

I don't have a lot to show, actually nothing to show but I am stitching on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow and a freebie from PrimitiveBettys.

I did manage to empty about 24 boxes and have about 16 more to empty before my husband arrives with another van load from Ohio. I have only lived here in this house in SC since the 27th of November and most of my furniture is still in OH. I do have control of all of my stitching as it traveled with me. My quilting fabrics and patterns/books came down on the truck with the husband and they are all unpacked and put away - we do have to have our prioritites in the right order. (Please excuse any and all spelling errors as I had 4 hrs of sleep before sitting with a 5yr all day.)

I promise to include pictures of past stitched and framed items and maybe even post a little about me next time. Hopefully husband Paul will bring the camera and take pictures to post. What a thrill!!

This is the first time in almost 38 years that Paul and I have been apart this long. I really feel for the military families that are seperated as I am not liking this one bit!

I am going to go hit the quilt stores on Monday. Hopefully one of them will need some help as I have had lots of experience - 18 years in the shop with 15 years teaching quilting. The shop also sold counted cross stitch and I worked with that section of the shop for several years also. Does anyone out there remember The Daisy Barrel in Fairborn Oh? (Fairborn is the home of Wright Patterson Air Force Base) the owners of the shop have all retired and closed the shop - that is where I worked and stitched. We had a great group of ladies - both owners and workers.

Well I have rambled on enough. Thanks for reading. Happy stitching and no sticky fingers!


  1. Welcome to blogging! I hope you enjoy your new home in SC. What part of SC are you in? I am about 3 minutes away from the SC line in NC. I look forward to reading more on your blog and seeing pictures of all your stitching and quilting!

  2. Hope you had some luck at the quilting stores. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of your stitched pieces.