Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long time away!

Well it has been an awful long time since I blogged and I really have no good excuse other than - I just didn't. I have been very busy reading blogs and enjoyed every minute.

I must state now that I am one of probably close to 100 that have joined the 15 Challenge of 2011 where you start one project each day for the first 15 days of the year. Well let me tell you I am a complete failure so far. I have managed to start 6 new projects and restart one WIP so I have been stitching. No I still do not have pictures but soon... I think I need to take lessons on how to coordinate pictures and blogs.

The sun was finally out today and it was heavenly! My poor car is in sensory overload as it thought it was moving to a warmer climate since it has to live outside now instead of its former warm garage. It hasn't taken kindly to the ice covering of the past 2 days or the below 30* temps. Poor baby!

I am blogging on my new computer. It's a laptop and my old desktop went home to Ohio with my husband. This was a Christmas gift from him. And since my sister gave me her Kindle - don't ask - he also bought me a cover for it. Did I make out or what? I bought him a Garmin GPS unit for his car as he seems to have trouble finding his way around - especially down here in SC. (He did get lost on the way back to Ohio in September going the old way through TN but we won't talk about that.) The beach area totally freaks him out as to where he should be to go where? He will find his way one day.

Back to the Challenge - I have only seen on one blog postings of stitching. And she has been very busy. I realize that the challenge was to be all new projects pulled from our stash but I have had to include some WIP that I really want to finish/keep working on. I have a tendency to start large projects, get tired, stitch something else, and then eventually go back to the large project again. Or maybe just start another new large project! I know none of you would do anything like that!

I would like to start a blog of stitchery items for sale but until I have some picture taking/showing knowledge that will have to wait. I did have some finished projects last year so I do have some things to show.

I think I will end this session now and hopefully I will receive some comments back - if only to say HI!
Thank you all for your time and as always,

Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice -- you did well at Christmas with a new laptop and a Kindle! What fun! Hope you settle in with the stitching -- I find the 15 challenge overwhelming myself. lol!

  2. Susan, LMK if I can help you with blog stuff. I am definitely not an expert, but I've been lucky enough to have people offer their help, and I'm always happy to pay it forward. I've also found You Tube to be a great help. When I started and my friends were so patient, trying to tell me how to add widgets and gadgets to my sidebar, and I had no clue what a widget or a gadget or a sidebar was... you tube was a godsend! LOL

    I had to laugh at your DH's sense of direction. My DH is the same. When he picked our daughter up in Dublin for the end of semester, I suggested he borrow somebody's SatNav. No, no way would he ask somebody that. So, I wrote out very detailed directions and it ended up with him calling me constantly (yes, there are penalty points & fines for talking on the phone while driving) and yelling that he didn't know where he was bc Dublin is so badly sign posted. Finally we determined just where he was and I was able to follow him on Google Maps and tell him where to turn next. It was hysterical. Thank God for hands free speaker phones!

    I know a lot of people are doing a mix up with the Challenge. All new projects, some are mixing in WIPs, some are doing just a few new projects and mostly WIPs, etc. IMHO, do what works best for you and enjoy the process. I don't think the stitching police will show up at your door as long as you have fun!

  3. Welcome to blog land...I find most are very helpful. I am still a little new myself, having only begun at the end of September. It has been so much fun meeting new friends. Thank you for visiting my blog..(I have the 2)...and have really enjoyed the 15 challenge. Looking forward to your posts...I am now one of your I will be back.